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We Are Your Defense Against
Rising Insurance Rates

Outrageously expensive insurance rates are

being decided by outdated data.

Current FEMA flood zones are based on maps from 2017.
This is what your insurance companies use to set your premium.

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Our Steps to Reduce Insurance Rates


Analyze Your Property

We conduct satellite or drone enabled surveys of your property to determine if you can be reclassified into a lower flood zone.


Collect & Submit Documentation to FEMA

RCOAST will complete and submit a LOMA to FEMA on behalf of our client for flood zone reclassification.  Our FEMA submission package will include a certified Elevation Certificate from a licensed RCOAST contracted surveyor, a copy of the Tax Assessor Map, the property deed (provided by the client), and the official Letter of Map Amendment.


Submit FEMA Reclassification to Insurance Provider

We will submit the FEMA declaration of the new flood zone classification on your behalf. The insurance company will recalculate your premium based on your new flood zone.


Coasts Change over Time

Are you classified in the right flood zone?

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